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replica belts Roosevelt Road.Officials from the Illinois attorney general’s office joined Forest Park police in conducting the investigation at the request of the state’s attorney’s office, which was concerned about a potential conflict of interest because Jerry Marzullo, 27, works there.John Gorman, a spokesman for the state’s attorney’s office, would not comment on Jerry Marzullo’s employment Wednesday, but said department policy requires all employees charged with a felony to be dismissed.Pesek and a witness to the beating told the Tribune it was unprovoked and that Jerry Marzullo, who lost a Berwyn aldermanic race that night, initially confronted Pesek, who was sitting at the bar with two friends.”It Replica Handbags just didn’t make any sense,” said Pesek, 54, who was hospitalized after the beating with bleeding on the brain, a spinal fracture, a fractured elbow, a broken nose and ribs, as well as fractures to orbital bones around each eye.Pesek said his estranged wife is dating Woodward, but added he had no interest in Berwyn politics that might have sparked the beating.”I’ve never met a Berwyn candidate. I don’t support a Berwyn candidate,” he said.”Where this came from I don’t know,” said Pesek, a former longtime village administrator from nearby North Riverside. Pesek, who spent two days in the hospital, said he continues to experience severe headaches and dizziness three weeks after the attack.James Kaestner, 50, who told police he witnessed the beating but did not testify before the grand jury, said the five indicted men were drinking in the Golden Steer’s lounge with a party of about 10.Kaestner of Berwyn and a female friend were sitting with Pesek at one end of the bar while the Marzullo party was gathered at the other, he said replica belts.

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