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It started as a custom butchery and has expanded. Itstill employs workers who are recent immigrants or have limited English language skills.Mekong Fresh Meat has found a unique niche to fill as a central Wisconsin employer and a national supplier of traditional Hmong foods.Hmong chamber opening a Wausau officeMekong launched in 1993to capitalize on the large Hmong population in Wausau. “We had a hard time there getting the food Cheap Canada Goose, meat, that we always had in Laos Canada Goose Outlet,” Yangsaid.He moved to central Wisconsin from Rhode Island in 1997 and took over for his brother, who’d been running the business.

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Lunchtime, she was put in a quiet room as prescribed by her

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My fears came to the forefront of my mind and I could deal

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Gill, a running back, is committed to Ohio State

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That’s what really makes you look like a chump

The Irish Film Board tells IFTN it has been in talks with Lime Pictures for over three years about bringing ‘Hollyoaks’ to Ireland. “We’re delighted that they have finally included a new Irish storyline and characters. The IFB has been providing advice and assistance to Lime Pictures over the last two months during prep for the Dublin shoot,” said Naoise Barry, Film Commissioner at the Irish Film Board..

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